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Head of our faculty and BSA president: DAVID COHEN (USA, Israel)

30 N Gould St. Ste 40
Sheridan, Wy. 82801   - USA 

Freephone: +1 800 723 3605
Fax:           +1 307-4484683


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President COHEN is actively involved in teaching and developing training courses and learning concepts. He was initially trained as an official intelligence officer in the 1980's before joining the Brillstein Security Group (BSG).

Arik Brillstein J.D. (Israel) founder of EUBSA and the BSG - one of the BSA's main teachers and developers of the training courses. Mr Brillstein is a war veteran, highly skilled intelligence and anti terrorist expert with many decades of experience. Since his retirement, he is no longer active in the teaching process.

Mark Durham J.D. (New Zealand) is a main teacher, tutor and lead the BSA quality control  department. He is also a BSA's vice president

Mike (England) is the BSA's technical and financial director and a BSA teacher, tutor and instructor. Mike also leads internal security

Harald Bieber J.D. (England)  is our law teacher and tutor and also acts as technical and legal advisor


For security reasons, by far not all instructors or tutors have been listed here, since most of them are still in active security service within the BSG. All of our instructors, teachers and tutor have been government trained and received additional BSG training and have served for at least 10 years with BSG.

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