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NEW: specialized PIO training for high risk intelligence operations


PPO - complete close protection training course

Short training courses of a few weeks or 2, 3 months simply do not suffice to acquire sufficient training and skill set for high-class CP operators and the requirements of international security!

For supreme high-risk CP training, what you need is the PPO certificate - Professional Protection Operator. This concept has been developed and perfected by us in over 20 years.  >>Find out more about this full vocational training programme... 


  • Private Military Training:

While there are plenty of so-called "PSD" and similar security contractors and operators are around chasing jobs, there are only a relative few competent private military officers available on the market. 

There's of course a big difference between a simple operator (or "soldier/shooter") and a true Private military officer (PMO). A PMO needs a much broader skill set and knowledge base. He's not only to be a leader of a team of operators, but he also need to acquire contracts, cooperate with various entrepreneurs, organizations, authorities and plan international operations including strategies, tactics and operational matters. You can considerably widen your career options with the PMO course.



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While our institute already used and promoted distance learning in the early 1990's, more and more universities and even governments today start using this very effective modern concept worldwide.

Distance learning, or eLearning as it is also being called, is not truly very new, it has been around at least since the 1950's. But new technology offers various new possible applications and in fact, for many of our students, is the only way they can participate and study, holding a job and having a family at the same time.

We are in business since the mid 1980's - in Europe since 1990. Our hallmark: we constantly keep on developing a number of otherwise hard to get security training courses which are very comprehensive and targeted at high-class and high-risk international security. We've always been pioneers in developing new and moderns study and training concepts. As of June 1 2020, the BSA is being operated by BRILLSTEIN and COBRA SERVICES LC out of Wyoming.


Most requested courses at present: 

 PIO - PSRS  -   PPO  -   PMO   -   PII - PASO (incl. MOTT or SpecOps)