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top-notch study course - become a private law enforcement expert!


It's really no secret: there are plenty of so-called "private eyes" around, from ex-cops to people who simply take a simple test, get a license and start calling themselves "private detectives" - some without having any TRUE, proper training at all...  So the question may arise: is it really a good idea to become a private investigator? The answer clearly is YES! As a matter of fact: recent market research says the demand for private investigators will rise by some 25% within the next 4-5 years.


There are a number of reasons why more and more private investigators are being needed each year. More people can't pay their bills; they disappear and need to be traced. Globalization brings many new challenges for business people and companies worldwide. Corporate security is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, law enforcement simply can't handle the full workload any longer - crime is on the rise and with the new internet possibilities as regards fraud, theft and even identity theft, there are simply many more reasons today why people might need a private detective.


Corporate clients have of course more complex needs and will task professional investigators with complex research and investigation assignments. The ex-uniform cop with a private license usually won't be able to handle such cases, since such officers usually have not received the proper kind of training - he might know his “beat” and the local “scene” but while on the job, he has not acquired the kind of skills needed for INTERNATIONAL or nation-wide investigations. White-collar crime, fraud, international investment schemes, espionage and other problems require a very special skill set in order to cope with such crimes. The PII course - Professional International Investigator - is a top-shelf course comprising the complete range of skills and knowledge needed by an expert international private investigator.


The field of private investigation is vast and constantly growing, from simple theft or debtor investigation to high-tech computer or investment fraud investigation, to interviewing witnesses or corporate espionage. Today, investigations involve the old "footwork" as well as computers, data analytics, information security, pre-marital investigations, worker's compensation and claims for insurance companies, locating missing persons and many other tasks.

This very new BSA "Professional International Investigator" (PII) course is a unique new concept. It's MUCH more than just another private detective training. PII comprises a full FBI agent training plus the more traditional investigation training, albeit on an international level - meaning that the PII will be expert for international investigation. Law, intelligence training and advanced security training is also part of the PII course. You could call this course "Private Law Enforcement Training" because the certified BSA-PII will be part of a global private investigator elite, as far as the training is concerned eye-to-eye with FBI or police detectives. For instance, the official police training for processing crime scenes can take up to 3 months before certification – this level of training is included in the PII. This shows you that the kind of “2, 3 months complete PI training courses” offered elsewhere can come nowhere near a true professional training.

The BSA-PII course is a college-level top-notch course and will be certified upon completion as BSA-PII "Certified International Private Investigation Expert". The course comprises every pertinent area of the private investigation field including the full studies and practical hands-on training, seminars. If you are looking to start a long-term career as professional investigator or if you'd like to greatly enhance to present situation (as security operator for instance), this is the course you've been looking for. The PII teachers and tutors have been in official law enforcement and/or active as private investigators for 10-20 years.

Tuition for PII:7,500 EURO (about 8,500.00 USD depending on exchange rate) - comprising the complete course incl. seminars, exams and certification, internship (after about 5, 6months into the course, you will start earning money while you're studying by completing investigational tasks for our security agency).

Duration: 20-24 months, depending on how much time you will be able to study per week

Requirements: clean bill of health, min.21 years of age, high school diploma or equivalent, no criminal records

International private investigation will involve traveling, communicating with many different kinds of people, analyzing information, meticulously collecting data, processing crime scenes and handling evidence, finding out the truth and obtaining proof for the finding, helping preparing court cases and much more. The PII certificate has a built-in career guarantee - we only train as many PII per year we can also employ ourselves in any given year! Thus, we guarantee each student to be employed by our own agency upon graduation (this is of course an option, not a requirement on the part of the students).

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